Jackalope Creative is a multidisciplinary design company with services including graphic design, photography, and video. Based out of Edmonds, Washington, Jackalope Creative is led by Kaleb Willey. Jackalope Creative has worked with individuals, small startup companies, global tech innovators, bands, weddings, realtors, teaching instructors, churches, and a host of others. Consider Jackalope Creative for your next project!

The Jackalope (Lepus antilocapra) is a noble creature with origins stretching back to the Old West. Among the legends of cowboys are tales of sharing stories and singing songs around campfires only to hear an accompanying voice from the surrounding brush singing along as a tenor: the mysterious and elusive Jackalope. This creature was also one of many ‘fearsome critters’ of note in the tongue-in-cheek myths of woodsmen and lumberjacks who warned new recruits to fear the terrifying and feral beast. According to folklore, the only safe way to approach a Jackalope was to entice it with whiskey, the drink of choice for this stately animal. The creature became further popularized in 1932 when Douglas Herrick and his brother returned home from hunting jackrabbits and tossed one of their hides in the corner of their shop, only to have it land in the midst of a pile of antlers, bearing a striking resemblance to the legendary beast. Douglas Herrick began combining the jackrabbit hides with antlers to form the taxidermied jackalopes, which have remained popular to this day.

Throughout history, the Jackalope has stood as a coalescence of the rugged durability necessary for jackrabbits to survive on the rough and tumble plains and forests and the creativity and whimsy of storytellers and craftsmen. At Jackalope Creative, we strive to provide this same consolidation of rugged, time-honored tradition blended with innovation and ingenuity.